Getting Started as a Street Stream courier

What you need to be a Street Stream/Kerbi courier

  • A bank account
  • A Stripe account (which you can set up as part of the registration process) to receive payments. You can set up your account at It is free to set up.
  • An iPhone 4 or later model with iOS7 or later operating system
  • A battery booster/charger is not essential but is helpful if you are on a push bike or on foot
  • A mount for the phone to attach to handlebars or dashboard

Registration process

  1. Setting up your services and rates
    • Choose your vehicle type
    • Set your rates.
      • The rating model is in two parts: a flat fee plus a rate per unit of distance. So for example if you set the flat fee at £3 and charge £1 per kilometre, a 7km job will earn you £10.
      • Remember when setting your rates that Street Stream takes a £2 transaction fee from every job and Stripe will charge 20p + 2.4% of the value of the job for each job. So in the example above, you would earn £7.56 after Street Stream and Stripe fees (£10 - £2 - £0.20 – (£10 x 0.024) = £7.56)
      • The variable part of the fee is based on distance calculated by Apple maps from pickup to delivery. If you travel a slightly shorter or longer distance it will make no difference to the fee you actually earn. You won’t earn any money for the distance to the pick up.
      • You can’t set a flat fee less than £2.20.
      • Other than that it is up to you and market forces as to where you set your rates.
      • For the variable part, you can chose to work in miles or km. It makes no difference to the app. It makes the adjustment accordingly.
    • You can choose whether to offer “rush” service. This is defined as a job that takes priority over all others – no stopping to take extra jobs when you collect a rush job. It is up to you to do this. You can set rush job rates on the same basis as before.
    • You can choose whether to offer bicycle puncture repair to customers with the Kerbi app. Coming soon!
  2. Choose your territory You can choose which post code areas you wish to cover. You toggle on or off the areas you want to cover. It’s totally up to you and where you think there will be demand.
  3. Verify your email address by clicking on the link
  4. Verification - what you need You can’t actually receive any jobs until you are verified by Street Stream.
    You need to supply the following:
    • Primary photographic ID (e.g. a driving licence or passport)
    • Proof of address (e.g. a recent utility bill or bank statement)
    • If you are a motorcycle courier please email us a check code for your online counterpart as well as well as proof of motor insurance
    These can be uploaded on the app or the website.
    Note that Street Stream will also carry out a criminal records check.
    Once all documents are supplied and all checks done we will verify you as soon as we can.
  5. Connect a Stripe account This is so you can collect payments. You can set up your account at

After verification: how to use the app

New Jobs
If you are on duty (see On Duty Toggle in Settings) you should get alerts for new jobs if it is for immediate pickup or any job that is pre-booked for a point later in the day or subsequent days.

New jobs will appear in the New Jobs tab. You can pull down the screen to refresh. If you want to quote for the job just select “Quote”. Your quote is based on the rates that you have set. The job will tell you what the job is worth to you before fees.

If you quote, that quote is good for 7 minutes. Remember, if you get the job you are committed to it. Do make sure you are able and ready to take it before you quote.

If the customer accepts your quote you will get a further message that the job has been accepted. The job will now appear in the manifest tab.

If the customer does not accept your quote it will expire and soon after disappear from the new jobs list.


All your active jobs will be in the manifest tab. Just click on the box to see the full details.

When you get to the collection point let the contact know and change the status on the app to “arrived at the pick up point”. Hopefully the consignment will be ready for you. If it is not, you must wait up to 15 minutes – a countdown is triggered by hitting the “arrived at pick up point”. If you are made to wait any longer, at your discretion, you can click “No Response At Pickup Location”. This will result in a cancellation-on-arrival charge and you will earn 50% of the original quote less the Street Stream fee (reduced by 50%) less the usual Stripe fee.

If the package is slightly bigger or slightly heavier than described and you can carry it we would encourage you to take it, knowing that half the time the opposite will be the case. However, if it is grossly different to the customer’s description and there is just no way of transporting it safely, you are entitled to refuse and the customer will be charged a cancellation-on-arrival charge and will have to re-submit the job with more accurate dimensions.

When at the drop off click arrived at drop off. You should be able to call the customer if you need to – as there number will be visible in the job details. Just click on the number. If there is a contact at the other end with a number, you can also call them. If you are having a problem with delivery try them in the first instance. If you can’t deliver the customer can arrange a re-delivery to another address or a later time or to return to sender. In all cases this will be 100% of the original fee.

If you are able to deliver, please enter the job details. Make sure you are at the address shown in the current location or edit it if you have agreed with the customer to leave it somewhere else. Please enter a recipient name if the customer has asked for a signature. You can leave notes for the customer in the notes section.

The customer can decide whether to take the package unchecked, check the package within reason (you are not obliged to wait around if unpacking will take a long time) or the mark it as damaged.

If the customer has not requested a signature when you click “save” the job will be complete. If the customer has requested a signature, please get the receiver to enter the signature.

On completion, you will receive payment less the Street Stream and Stripe fees within 24 hours.


  • Delivery History
    This will show you all your completed jobs. You can go in and see the details.
  • Ratings
    Customers are able to rate you from between 1-star and 5-stars and leave a comment. You overall rating viewable to customers will be based on the average of your individual ratings. You can see individual ratings here.
  • Analysis Reports
    The analysis reports tab will show you:
    • The number of jobs you have done
    • Your gross revenue
    • Your average fee per job
    • The distance travelled
    • The revenue per kilometre


  • On Duty Toggle
    You will get alerts for jobs where the pick up and delivery windows are within your set working hours (see the set working hours toggle). If you are outside working hours but want to still get working hours set the on duty toggle to the on setting. Conversely if you are currently within working hours but want to take a break and don’t want alerts, set the on duty toggle to the off position. Remember to change it back when your break ends!
  • Auto Read New Jobs
    You can set the app to automatically read out the details of new jobs when you look at the job details. If you don’t want this toggle this off.
  • Profile Details
    This is where you can change your details such as email address, mobile phone number, profile image and vehicle type. Note you can change vehicle type at any time.
  • Services & rates
    This is where you can alter your rates. You can do this at any time, though you cannot change your rates retrospectively for a job in progress. Your new rates will apply on any new jobs.
  • Areas covered
    This is where you can change your territory by toggling areas on or off. You get alerts for jobs if you cover the postcode area of the pickup and the delivery addresses.
  • Documents
    This lets you upload up to date documents to prove identity or current address.
  • Set working hours
    You can set your default working days and hours. You can change this at any time but to be completely flexible use the on duty toggle.
  • Stripe
    If you need to change your Stripe account you can change it here
  • Referral code
    Give this code to a new customer. Each courier has their own unique referral code. The first time a customer orders a job with Street Stream the customer gets a discount and you get the transaction fee (£2) whether you are the courier that does the job or not. So remember, by handing out your code you can make extra income.


  • Problem: I am not receiving any alerts.
    • Go to your phone home page Settings > go to Notifications > go to Street Stream > make sure “Allow Notifications” is turned to the on position and the that alerts style is set to either banners or alerts.
    • You only receive alerts when a job is within your set working hours. The default setting is 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday but you can change this within the app by going to Settings > Set Working Hours
    • Make sure you have not set the “on duty” tab under settings to the off position if you want to be on duty and receive alerts.
  • Problem: the app is frozen and I can't do anything
    • Press the home button twice. This will reveal all the apps that are open. Close the app by sweeping it upwards off the screen. Re-open the app.
  • Problem: my quote has been accepted but I can’t move forward
    • If you have received a message to say that your quote has been accepted but the job in the manifest still has the job status as “quoted” rather than “quote accepted”, use your thumb to pull down and refresh the manifest page. The status should be updated.